how to harvest seeds

azzure08July 13, 2012

so I have a hab plant and a scotch plant I want to save the seeds in case something happens to my plants this year. Do I just take the seeds out and let them dry or put them in the fridge.

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Cut the pod in half, scrape out the seeds;

Remove the seed from any attached placenta;

Spread the seed out on a paper towel and place in an area with good airflow for two weeks;

Save dried seed in an envelope and store in a cool dry place.

You may want to use gloves ;-)

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You probably already know this but collect seed from ripe fruit.

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I dry pods, cut in 1/2 let it dry out with seeds then when I am ready to use the dried pod or seeds I pluck them out.

Also picked fresh plucked out seeds, place on a paper plate put on the top shelf of bakers rack to dry out.


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thank you both

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What ottawa said.

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You also want to isolate the pods that you want to save for seed. You can do that by having the plants farther than 500 feet from one another or go to the link below and go to the last post with pics. Esox(Bruce) showed me a way to do it when one doesn't have that kind of space to work with.


Here is a link that might be useful: click here

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