growing Russian Willow [Salix acutifolia] from cuttings

paulandirene(z7 NM)March 31, 2008


My dad gave me some Russian Willow [Salix acutifolia] cuttings...a little thicker than a pencil and about 16 inches long.

What would be the best way to grow these from cuttings?

The willow is valuable to us for sentimental reasons. The original one was planted by my great-great grandfather in Montana over 120 years ago. [I save seen pre-1900 pictures of it]. Eight years ago, they cut it down, but my dad got cuttings and has a nice healthy plant in his yard.

Anyway, I got some cuttings from it about a month ago...dipped them in rooting hormone, and put them in a sand/vermiculite mixture. I lightly tugged on the stem, and it seems that it had rooted, but there is otherwise no signs of life. I would have liked to have put them outside, but it's still a week or so away from our frost-free date.

For these new cuttings, I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Keep them inside have the buds started to swell? in any case should leaf out & grow. IF NoT THEN:

Can use cuttings of firm new growth or winter cuttings..... apply 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil. If has leaf mist if not keep soil damp .......

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