What's Wrong With My Peppers?

ehsteveJuly 4, 2012

A few of my peppers have a very weird discoloration on the fruit, at the discoloration the skin seems really thin and sround it the skin is wrinkled.

Is this a disease or something to do with the weather or other growing conditions?

Shot at 2012-07-04

Shot at 2012-07-04

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Looks like Sunscald to me. Try putting a shade cloth over the top of the plants to shade them a little bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunscald

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You have a layer of pod skin gone, not discolored skin.

Something is munching on your pods, a caterpillar or earwig perhaps.

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looks like sun scald to me too. I have Bells and we had 3 100+ days here in Texas and like yours only the ones real high and unprotected looks like yours. They will be soft near the brown area. I would leave them on the plant until something actually opens a hole, or just pick and eat or freeze them now. If you have like a six foot pole holding your plant, I'd try draping some window screen over pole and let it form like a screen tent over your bells. leave it loose so it doesn't damage your plant with the wind.

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looks like you have some nibbled leaves too like caterpillars, could be a combination of the two sunscald and insects, try orange oil spray, but if you have caterpillars you'll need BT worm killer or some kind of organic caterpillar deter. try wrapping some foil at the main stem of your plant;supposedly caterpillars can't climb up aluminum foil

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