Inducing adventitious budding

jagasianMarch 22, 2013

I have a cutting from an old Sequoia Sempervirens (Coast Redwood) that is rooting like crazy. It took 1.5 months in a fogponic/aeroponic cloner, as well as large doses of IAA, IBA, and NAA in the water before it started to callus and show root primordia. I then transfered the cutting into soil, and since then the number of roots has increased to at least 9 roots (judging from the roots that have grown to the edge of the clear container the cutting has been planted in). There are likely more roots than 9, but most of the roots have not grown to the sides of the container yet.

My worry is that the cutting is continuing to grow more roots, longer roots, etc, and I am not seeing any growth up on top. No new buds, no new shoots, no elongation, no new leaves, etc. What is the best way to initiate new bud growth, new shoot growth, etc? Are there any hormones that can help?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if its rooted.. may i suggest you pot it.. and get it outdoors after some hardening off.. and see what it does..

why more hormones???

its a tree .. aka conifer.. you are in the US.. its just now spring.. perhaps budding is a function of the inclination of the sun in the northern hemisphere ... and your light is off as to intensity ... and if you are doing this in a greenhouse.. you failed to mention such ...

i just dont get why you would defer to more hormone induction.. rather than letting nature take its course ... and dont get me wrong.. experimenting rocks..


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I am growing in my garage in a grow tent. Relative humidity is around 95%, temperature is around 65F. I am considering more hormones because the plant that I am cloning is extremely old, and it is a known issue that when propagating Coast Redwoods older than 500 years, that they may not grow roots or even new shoots without intervention.

I've experimented with cloning young Coast Redwoods, and they root within a week in my hydroponic cloner. The cuttings from 500+ year old trees take much larger hormone levels and 1.5 months to root! Without the special help, cuttings from 500+ year old trees do not root.

I've got the 500+ year old cutting potted, but still indoors. It has been in a pot for 3 weeks, and before that it was in an aeroponic cloner for 1.5 months. It is still growing roots (and not growing shoots). This morning, I counted 12 roots that have reached the edge of the clear pot that I have the cutting planted in now.

I have another 500+ year old cutting that I am propagating by grafting it onto juvenile Coast Redwood root stock. This is apparently the preferred technique for propagating and rejuvinating old trees, i.e., graft old scion onto young root stock, and once the old scion grows new shoots, cut those new shoots and use them as scion on a new set of young root stock. That process has to be repeated 5 times, and that completely rejuvinates the scion wood from the old tree so that tissue from the old tree can be rooted and shooted with the ease of a young tree.

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Hi Jagasian,

i've read about rejuvenating produced by repeated grafting, but it was made invitro

how is your grafting procedure in progress now ?



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you can try to spray with coconut milk (cytokin)
i think about 15ml/L


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