Highbush cranberry cuttings, when?

sarahroseMarch 4, 2010

I am planning to try to propagate some highbush cranberries using Janie's propagation box. I have read all of her postings and have a couple of questions.

Right now the highbush cranberries appear to still be dormant. When should I take the cuttings? Now? After it leafs out? When it is 70 at night? Thought I would cut off about 6 inches, put on some rooting hormone, and put them in Janie's box.

What about the temperature of the box -- air and root level? Was thinking about laying a thermometer inside, or could put one down into the mix to see what the root temps are. Maybe a heat mat [for now]? What do you think?

Any ideas on approximately how long it would be before they could be potted? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 4 weeks?

Obviously, this is a first for me.



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Best time laye may through late july.... apply 0.8% IBA (Rooting hormonr) takes 80 days to root soil temp 70F

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Thank you for your reply.

The stores I've been in have .1% IBA instead of .8%. Guess a person would get the .8% IBA at a nursery.

Thanks again,

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