Pudica propagation

beth7happyAugust 1, 2014

I have three beautiful pudica in pots - one is perfect; the other two seem tall and lanky. Do you treat these the same as other plumeria in propagation? ie. take the cutting and let it callous off before trying to root? I'm also thinking of putting some (if I can get some cuttings rooted) into the ground for next season.....any thoughts on that?

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Yes but it only takes a couple days for the cut end to callus. Then it needs to go into damp sand. I like to use lava sand because its very coarse and porous and it provides loads of nutrients to the cutting.

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thanks for the input, Seamommy. I've had good luck rooting plumeria, but have never tried these. I'd imagine that you cut off all the foliage from these, as well? And where do you get lava sand?

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I'm not familiar with Lava Sand. Love to hear more about it.

You can also use perlite and soil mixed 50/50 or even 100% perlite. the key is to let it callus (my experience is typically longer than a few days) water once, keep dry and forget about it for about 6 weeks.

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thank you for your input, kms. time for me to go snip! we're fasting moving away from out hot weather for rooting.

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