Red and Yellow twig dogwood cuttings - how long does it take?

connietnMarch 28, 2010

I have some yellow and red twig dogwood cuttings that I stuck this past fall.

The yellow twig does not seem to be rooted. Most of the red twig is not either - a couple have resistance when I tug lightly, so maybe they are.

Two questions:

Do these just take an exceptionally long time, or should I give up?

If the answer to above is to give it a while longer, would there be any benefit of pulling out the ones that aren't rooted and re-applying rooting hormone?

All of the cuttings have the appearance of still being viable, at least judging from the color. They all look pretty much exactly as they did when stuck.

Thanks for any advice!!

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I would leave them be for now. As long as they still look good I would do nothing. If the cuttings start getting black, they are dying and I would pull those out. Never try adding a hormone to a cutting AFTER it has been in the soil for a while. Al

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