Persimmon Cuttings

tcuser(ZONE 7)March 30, 2008

My persimmon doesn't has leave yet, just buds. I want to take cuttings. Is it the right time to take cuttings? I have to wait for leave before cutting or what? How do I cut (small or big branches)? What kind of hormone do I need? Thanks for any suggestion?


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

It depends upon what you are taking cuttings for. If you wish to root or graft, you want the buds still closed. (I should warn you that trying to root a persimmon cutting might be very difficult, as far as I'm aware persimmons are propogated by grafting known fruiting varieties not by rooting).

There is a fruit forum where your questions would more easily be addressed. The people there would also want to know what kind of persimmon you are growing (american or japanese).

For grafting (or rooting if possible) then you will want pieces no thicker than a pencil (this is true of most plants you want to root or graft. Also rooting might be more successful using stiff green wood (new growth that has hardened). You might want to look into air-layering as well, as this might be a better option than trying to root a cutting (they make rooting cups that can make the process easier).


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tcuser(ZONE 7)

Hi Chills,
Thanks you for your information. I cut few small branches not bigger than pencil. Put some in hormone solution and dip some in hormone gel then put them in mix perlite. & vermiculite. It's fun to try. Cheers.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Winter cuttings of roots have the best chance. or seed

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tcuser, so what's the outcome of the experiment? Thanks.

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tcuser(ZONE 7)

Only 1 out of 8 survives. Lesson learned: use a young branch, clean bark of branches carefully because high humidity grows fungi and kills root.

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I would say 1 out 8 is not bad in a home environment for persimmon. Is that american or asian varieties? I'm thinking about giving it a try this year just to see how it goes.

Are you using a liquid or powder hormonone? What's the concentration? How long is the cutting? Looks like your cuttings were still hardwood with no leaves? Did you try any new growth and if so, did they have full or only partial grown leaves? I suppose you used a dome and mist. How often did you water it?


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tcuser(ZONE 7)

It's Asian persimmon very sweet and yummy. I use home-made gel hormone: 2% IBA + 1% NAA. Cuttings are about 6 inches: 6 old branches (hardwoods) and 2 young branches with few tiny shoots. I put them in a big clear plastic jars with 1 part perlite, 1 part vemiculite & 1 part of charcoal covered by plastic wrap under fluorescent light. At first all of them alive; shoots grow up and give new tiny leaves. I mist maybe once a week when it dry. For a few days I didn't keep an eye on them then suddenly, fungi are everywhere especially on old branches. They stop growing; I try to clean as much as I can but only one survive. May be I mist too much. Will try again.

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Thanks for the good info. I have an Asian persimmon too which I heard is difficult. But at least looks like doable. So I will go try some hardwood cuttings first this weekend. Then after a few months, try some new growth softwood ones.

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asian persimmon grafts in my area Beaver lake Ar. are subject to blights,i spray with "imune" the firt year of growth. My grafts of this spring are now about 30" high and growing too fast and must tip them now.

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