Coleus Cuttings

rosegrowernb(zone 4B)March 12, 2007

Grew a pretty coleus inside all winter, now a BIG plant.

Anybody know how to make cuttings of this plant????

Very pretty deep red colour and dont want to loose it.

Thanks.. Jack

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Coleus puts root very easily. Normally just in water it will root. You can also take some 3 inch cuttings and dip in a rooting hormone (lowest dosage will do and stick in well drained medium. If you put it in a pot, just put a plastic bag over it to prevent too much transpiration, but make sure to put a couple of small holes in the bag.Before you know you will have roots. In the tropics where coleus originated from people do not use any growth hormone and they grow all kinds of coleus as border plants.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get a cake pan .. dollar store... some good potting medium ... sterilize it .... see link

get razor blade ... and some rootone ... or rooting hormone in the garden center ....

study your plant... at the intersection of the stem and each leaf .... you will see a bud .... track down to the next leaf ... and slice just above it ... dip into rooting hormone [which you probably don't need for coleus.. but rootone has a fungicide which helps] ... stick the stub into the pan ... and continue slicing until you have a stump of a plant left ... with just the last few leaves on it ....

insert pan into a plastic bag.. and put in light ... they will root in a week or so ....

when the original and all the others are 6 inches tall again .. start with pan #2 ...

i did this once.. starting from seeds... and in two months had the equivalent of about 20 flats of plants for the labor alone .. go figure ...

the only problem is making sure you get them out of the pans, before the roots get so inter tangled.. that you cant rip them apart ...

just about fool proof .. with coleus ....

and while you are at the store to buy the other stuff.. buy a few new cultivars.. and start propagating those ....

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: we dont want bugs in the house

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rosegrowernb(zone 4B)

Thanks for the information.. Great stuff.
Can root any kind of rosebush, but never have done so with
soft stemmed plants... :>))) Jack

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You can't get any easier than rooting a coleus. I bought one just one about 3 years ago at Walmart and I have two large plants I keep in the house during winter. I take cutting all the time at any time of the year that they get too big or just want some to give away. Just root them in a jar of water. Last summer I had them in all my flower beds and have given tons away to anyone and everyone who wants them. Not bad for a $2.00 plant. Wish I could find more plants that were this easy to propagate.

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Thanks for the advice and tips on rooting Coleus stems. I just purchased ten small Coleus plants for $1 each. I cannot wait for them to grow so I can get cuttings. In the meantime they are really adding color to my garden and look great set in red mulch!

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