UCD Fruit Cuttings Update (Photo)

dicentra(z6B)March 20, 2007

Hi All...

Thought I'd share a few photos showing the progress of my fruit tree dormant cuttings from UC Davis. It's a tight squeeze in this room, but it works :)

Almond, Apricot, Persimmon, Sweet Cherry, Fig

One corner of my Laundry Room/aka Plant Propagation Room/ aka ICU Animal Room (bunny was temporarily moved inside for treatment)

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Keep us posted on how it goes.
I've stuck lots of dormant fruit cuttings which leafed out, but once they depleted the stored energy reserves in their stem and buds, they died.
Will be interesting to see if you're successful - and then, how well those varieties do 'on their own roots'.

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I have the same reservation about the fruit cuttings, in that the reserve is used for leafing out, then depleted before rooting. This is more an attempt to see what happens. Yes, it will be interesting to see the results with "own root" specimens. I know the figs will be ok, because I've rooted them for many years successfully, however, the other ones are new territory. It must be the science geek in me that does these things...LOL.
I was hoping my son wanted to do his science fair project on some aspect of plants and rooting, etc., but he chose to do something with fruit flies. I tried to sway him to do something with fungus gnats but it wouldn't fly with him. It seems that my laundry room will now be an experimental room with insects, too, in haboring colonies of fruit flies (in containers). What next!

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