Jiffy-type pellets-- majorly confused

LCDSoundsyetemMarch 16, 2011

So, I became kind of enamored of these pellets last year.

I set out to find refills . . . found an eBay seller selling 300 for $30 shipped. To my dismay when they arrived they were smaller than the ones I'd been using and don't fit in the trays.

It appears the ones I had were about 34mm diameter, these are 30 mm. Doesn't sound like much of a discrepancy but in practice they seem at least 1/3 smaller.

So two questions for anyone in the know:

1)Is there some way to know if what I'm looking at on the web is the size I want, or is it one big unstandardized mess? The occasional eBay seller gives the exact size but most commercial sites don't.

2)So here I am with 300 small pellets and no holders that fit them. Is there any downside to just cramming the tray full of them and having them sit on the bottom of the tray basically all touching each-other? I've actually already set up one tray like this but not seeded them-- it fits about 100.

Thanks! Will very likely have follow-up questions . . .

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Ack! Sorry-- clicked on plants instead of seeds and posted this in the wrong place.
I've now posted this in the "from seed" forum so please don't respond here. Nods, I owe ya a beer.

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