Red Congo Philodendron Propagation

plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)March 3, 2011

Can you root red congo philodendron cuttings in water?

If so, how far back should they be cut?

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cut so there is 2-4 nodes. reduce the leaf area.
It would be better to apply 0.1% IBA & stick cuttings in well drained soil & mist 3-4 times a day

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plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)

My question concerning rooting them in water was because I have had much success with rooting my Philo scanden (heart-leafed philo) in water.

What is 0.1% IBA & stick?

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0.1% IBA means 0.1% Indolbuteric Acid a common rooting hormone that promotes root growth
stick means insert or place
Please excuse my poor english

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