How do I plant a tree by cutting a branch from the original?

yungmanMay 16, 2009

My neighbor has a very sweet plumb tree that stick over to our side. We have been picking off from the tree. It is so sweet. I want to plan my own. Can you guys tell me what to do in order to cut a branch from the big tree and plant on my own?

I looked up about grafting and scions. But I don't even have a big enough tree at all!!

Can I put a few pits after eating and put them in potting soil and see whether it will grow?

Please give me some suggestion. The fruit is very very sweet, I don't want to just go out and buy any plumb tree.

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In some species it is very difficult to get them to root. I think you will be better off buying yoursel an already grafted tree.
But if you insist...: get an one-year old branch of about 8 inches with some buds. At the base, make a cut in an angle as to have a bigger area exposed; dip the base in some rooting hormones; plant it in a pot filled with some sterile (or not contaminated) wet potting mix; using some clear plastic and some wire, construct a little "greenhouse" around the pot; place it in the shade and wait... and wait... and wait. DO NOT TOUCH IT. When you see some leaves remove the plastic. When you notice that the roots are coming through the draining hole you can transplant it.

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