seeds from flowering plants

mgmg1977April 1, 2008

hello pardon the noob, but how would i extract the seeds of a flowering plant? my plant being of the morning glory variety

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Cut off the spent flowers and put them in a brown paper bag. Store the bag in dry place like a closet until the weather makes you stay indoors. Shake the bag few times and then look in the bottom of the bag for seeds. Separate the seeds from the chaff and put in a small container with a label identifying the seed. Don't forget when you put the flowers/seedheads in the bag to label the bag. Al

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Can morning glories be used as a house plant?

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

>Can morning glories be used as a house plant?

I had very little luck, almost no luck, attempting morning glories on a glass enclosed deck of the east side of the house. I am not sure what the problem was. The seed came from a neighbor who had very good luck outside on a fence.

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joytwo1839(z6 TN)

Al, does this work for Pansies, too? And do you put the seed in a paper envelope and then do they need cold temps for a while?

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

When I collect seeds for any plant, I always let them dry in a paper bag. If the seeds have a fleshy coating, I soak them first and then let them dry. I have had lots of success with differnt seeds. I use markers to label the bags and I can always reuse them after I package the seeds. I keep brown paper lunch bags all the time.........

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