Pachira propagation

Sugi_C(9a)April 14, 2013

Funny, some things I try to propagate and it ups and dies on me. Others root consistently, and some, like this Pachira leaf, I didn't expect.

So I have this wonderful Pachira that graces a tabletop in the corner of my house. It's adjacent to the window, and this one leaf was irking me because it had three leaflets instead of 4 or 5. So, I snipped it off one night and not wanting to get up to throw it away, I stuck it into a small pot of ficus cuttings I was rooting -- and intended to throw it out when it yellowed, or died.

Except it never did. It stayed beautifully green so I left it there.

Well, then one day, it decided to start pushing itself out of the soil! I thought the soil was shrinking and decided to remove all the cuttings.

As expected, the Ficus cuttings' roots were impressive but most surprising was this LONG root coming out of this leaf. Perhaps I got a bit of stem....? Anyway, given that it had reached the bottom of the pot and was pushing itself out of the pot, I placed it into a taller pot for now.

Anyway, I have never tried to propagate Pachira before. Now to think of it, I usually don't attempt to propagate anything that has a "trunk". I can't envision what I'd get, I guess.

I'm curious what this leaf will become. Is it going to grow into a long single stem with a few leaves or will it actually grow into a legitimate plant with a trunk and canopy type leaves? If it's the latter, I am more than happy to grow it out but if it's going to be a long stick with a few leaves, I'll probably throw the leaf into another pot somewhere instead of having it take up precious real estate.


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Hi: As it's now the 26th and you've had no other reply, I'll mention this. There are numerous plants that 'A Leaf will root, and Nothing at all'. Except, grow roots and look really green and Leafy! However, I must tell you have I've had Zero experience with these plants: Pachira.
I've seen them many times, but I've never grown them. But I also want to add that, by Your Photo. It looks as though you DO Have Some of the Stem as well. And IF That's the case, You Should end up with another plant that you can claim as Your Own Creation! IF, that leaf IS attached to a small piece of stem at that bend in the photo before we get to the white rooted part. The stem should send up more from that joint, OR, even from just beneath the soil level. Only Time wil tell. Good Luck!

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Hi Rich!

Thanks for the reply. You must be right that I have a part of the stem, and now I have what appears to be a new leaf growing out. A stem and two leaves makes a legitimate "plant", right? :-)
It's growing nicely in a log cup of 5:1:1 mix right now, and I think -- I hope -- that this pot will do for the time being. It's ironic that this one cutting should have such a long root given that the last time I reported this braided pachira, it had almost no roots, though it is a glorious plant above the soil!

Thanks again!


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Hi, curious what happened to the pachira cutting from last year?


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