Can you explain to me rooting hormone vs. solution??

ms_minnamouse(7a)April 10, 2008

For example, there's Olivia's Cloning Gel (rooting hormone). But there's also Olivia's Cloning Solution.

There's Clonex Rooting Compound. Then there's also Clonex Clone Solution.

Why is there a solution in addition to the gel?? Why would you need it?? Is the gel not sufficient? The descriptions of the gels say that they contain nutrients to get the clones started. So why would you need the solution to? Is it different than very diluted regular fertilizer?

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

the type (powder, gel, solution) is not as important as the strength of the active ingrediant. It is necessary for the active ingredient to come in to contact with the cambium & not its form (powder etc) The reason for the different forms is to satisfy the desires of the customer. & each has advantages/disadantages in how they are diluted etc..... You do not need more than one of the forms to have success.

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ok this is stupid, but is it kinda like bottom watering and top watering? ummm i don't know if what she's talking about is the same as what i have but i use the rooting horomone powder and when i water, i water from the bottom with the transplant rooting thingi to help it grow faster. or get roots faster. or i think thats how i understood it. well it seems to be helping. LOL :')) is it the same as that??

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tcuser(ZONE 7)

You want to get root for your cuttings. You can put your cuttings in water and get root. However, it takes long time and successful rate is low. How to improve it? There are some plant grow regulators (PGR) such as IBA and NAA that promote root. There are 3 forms which contain PGRs on the market: powder, gel and liquid. Powder is the most popular form. It's cheap; can keep longer. However, you have to wet cuttings before you stick powder so powder can stick to your cutting. You need to control you humidity in your soil carefully or you avoid rot root. Gel is more convenient; however, gel should has anti-fungus/bacteria substances to keep it's longer and less rot root. So it costs more. Some spraying and dipping systems use PGR liquid to promote root. At a certain time, the systems spray or dip cuttings in solution so less rot root, have more roots and cuttings grow faster. This system has the highest successful rate but too expensive. So it's your choice. Cheer.

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taxonomist(7b VA)

I annually root many hundreds of plants and have used many different kinds of substances to induce the root formation. What in the world is PGR? I haven't ever heard of it. However, I believe some form of IBA is superior to any other hormone preparation. It is sold in many forms under many different names and it will behoove you to begin to use it.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

There are many plant growth regulators (PGR) available but not necessary or commonly used by home gardeners. Al

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I should know more then I do considering my age and career. That being said, there are several plant growth regulators, Auxins are the ones we are most interested in for rooting. A partial list would be Indole Acetic Acid IAA, Indole Butyric Acid IBA, Naphthaleneacetamide. They are as different from nutrients as birth control pills are from a Big Mac.

The decision of what to go with from a manufacturer and user standpoint is not easy. Part of the problem stems from EPA clasifications and the nature of the hormone. Some are close relatives of things like 2-4-D, right, agent orange. As such some got classified as herbicides by the EPA and required the manufacturer to jump through a few more hoops. Certainly cost is another consideration and there is about a 10 fold difference in price for some of the compounds.

The fact some act like herbicides should give you an idea of how potent they are. That is why you see people exchanging so much info about the strength to use. The strength you need to root a table leg will probably kill a daisy. Likewise using the strength you need for a daisy on a table leg will probably not have much effect.

Some advantages you should know are things like stability. IAA is reported in the literature to be less stable then IBA. Great if you can keep things dry and out of the sunlight, bad if you want to keep a jug of prepared dip on the shelf.

Likewise there is a certain style to the application as you have noticed. People have studied everything from long soaks in dilute solutions to quick dips in concentrated solutions to powders like Rootone. If you are using a propagation chamber with constant misting, the dilute stuff will probably wash off so you may want to go for high concentrations and a quick dip. If you are sticking something in the ground or a pot, powders and gels may be the way you want to go.

The other variable with rooting compounds that was mentioned is IMHO one of the most important: The addition of a fungicide. I think someone here has said they find fungicide to be more important then the Auxin or concentration used. Some manufacturers even add things like Vitamin B-1. I personally do not have enough experience with things beyond Auxins and antifungals to comment on other nutrients. I know you want to stay away from anything that contains urea as a source of nitrogen when rooting!

Simple is best. If you are rooting something like a Creeping Charlie or Spider Plant, just use water. If you are trying to root something tough that takes months to root and rots if you look at it crosseyed, then go for the big guns. The only exception to this may be a cutting that would be hard to replace. i.e. You got a single cutting from Grandma's apple tree just before the bulldozers leveled the farm to put in condos. If Grandma is still alive and hasn't sold off the farm, just wait until she prunes the tree and get 100 cuttings.


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tcuser(ZONE 7)

It's is the way a master explains about the hormone. I like the idea "Simple is best". We don't use a cannon to kill mosquito. Use a right tool for a right job. My mom often laugh at me: "why do you use hormone, B-1, inositol, fungicide, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss to root cuttings? I root a ton of herbs and vegetables just using water". I also like the idea: "fungicide to be more important". I hear many people talking about sterile soil when rooting but don't pay much attention. Now I think it again. Why do we normal fail to get root? Because we get rot root from fungi and bacteria, right? If we use fungicide or sterile soil we can reduce much much rot root. Sometime, simple ideas make a big difference.

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Well, can some one give me a simple answer? What is a good rooting gel that can be used for a wild arrangement of propagation strengths that contains fungicide?

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