Upland Nursey

kitnorAugust 19, 2014

Has anyone used Upland Nursey in Orange Ca?

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It's close to my house. I haven't bought cuttings from them (yet) but there are two I've decided on. I'm getting them early next season because I'm not sure how fast I can root them now.

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Upland has a great selection, and is an overwhelming place to visit (in a good way). Their prices are on the high side, but they do have sales during the summer. Some of my biggest plumeria have come from Upland (I bought during a 50% off sale). They also do amazing multi-color grafted plumeria. I've never bought cuttings from them, though, only full trees.

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They are crazy expensive there. It's like 60 dollars for a celandine that's like 16 inches tall. Cuttings are decent prices but you have to order them a day in advanced.


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Thanks for your reply. I have ordered 1 cutting to see what I get.

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my personal experience with upland has been highly positive..great cutting prices when on sale and some cool varietals. A little late in the season for cuttings right now, but the ones I have from upland are all great- big, plump, and fresh cuts.

Best of luck to you!

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Received my cutting today. Very fresh; still had all the leaves on it. Looked ok. Pleased.

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I bought half of my plumies there this year. Great large specimens. Nice staff.

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Like others have said, they're a bit pricey, but they have great sales near the end of the growing season for us ( green and orange dots spray painted on the side of pots). The staff is very knowledgable and nice and the cuttings that I have gotten have been great quality and I've only lost 2 ( when I tried the bag method).
They also have a great website with all the cuttings you can order.

Have fun!


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