Best Flea Beetle Killer

jcav8terJuly 23, 2011

Flea beetles are having a feast on my peppers. I know there are several pesticides that will work, but was wondering if anyone else has used something that worked well on these guys.



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I actually had a dish with beer in it for the intent of catching slugs and snails. A nice surprise was that I was catching even more flea beetles in the mix. These were beetles earlier in the season for me, but it's worth a try.

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Thanks, will add that to the pesticides.


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I'd go with pyrethrin, because it is natural, and completely safe to use on veggies. The biggest issue one might encounter with pyrethrin is allergies and/or athsma. I have read that sticky traps work too. Diatomaceous earth powder is another thing that will work. Dust it on and around the plants.

Personally, I don't have any ideals that go against using pesticides, although I like to try not to use anything harsh. But, I also don't bother trying to screw around with less effective "safer" measures either, because I find that they just aren't as effective, and they take a lot of persistance. I prefer to just deal with the problem immediately, and not have my food crops suffer. So, if it was me with an infestation, I would douse them with something sooner then later.


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I've had very good luck with diatomaceous earth.

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