Only the strong survive

daisydawnny(5)July 29, 2012

I usually lurke here but wanted to check in. We had a F1 tornado here last Thursday. Town is devestated. Our yard is wiped out, lost our sheds, my greenhouse and most of the garden. I had 4 pepper plants (Nagas I think) from seed Bruce sent me. They did not flinch or bend!!!Tough little buggers!! I have staked up some other peppers and tomatoes to see if they will recover.

We just got power back early this morning, waiting for the insurance adjuster so we can start the massive clean up...Our house only had minor damage.

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Good luck with the clean up effort. Good to hear you are safe and only suffered minimal damage. Hopefully by the time you harvest those peppers, things will be getting closer to normal.

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Thanks peppernovice.., Insurance adjuster will be here Saturday. Anxious to start clean up. Had more storms today so I did not have a chance to check on my survivors in the garden. This sucks.

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