New plumeria

ssk22August 23, 2012

Just ordered from " a piece of plumeria"

Should be receiving this week. My question is, is it going to be too late to root these? I never gave it a thought , but reading a lot of the comments, now I am wondering what I will do with them, or what should I do with them?

Thanks in advance


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Congratulations Sharon!!

It is not to late to root a Plumeria.

Lots of people root during this time of the year and even durring the winter. So don't think it can't be done.

Most of us that are not in TX, CA, FA have more of a challenge than those with better temperatures, but you can help it along by keeping it warm and maybe using a heat mat and under a grow light during the fall. I see you are in Ohio. The night time temps will start dropping down in the next few weeks, so i might go ahead and start it inside under lights and on a seed heating mat.

If you need more info, im sure others will chime in and give you some good advice, but dont think that it cant be done.

It can!!! : )

I just potted one up today!!

Good Luck!!


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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

HI Sharon,
I'm still some what new to growing plumerias,as of now I have 8 rooted cuttings most started in the early fall of 2010 and 2011 and they did well, I put them in damp soil and left them alone and by spring they had started to root,growing time here in New England is short so by March I put them under light to give then a head start, I might not grow them the way I should but so far this has worked for me,next month I will be bring back 5 more cuttings so I will start them the same way.
I think I'm hooked on them, just can't wait to see my first blooms


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I think you can do it just fine with normal precautions. Good luck. (besides if you already ordered think you can too.)

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Laura,Bear. Kms2
Thanks for the help.
I'm excited to grow more. Five years ago I ordered one from QVC
This is the first year it bloomed and I was so excited. Now I want more, but five years,come on......hope my new ones do better. Thanks again

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