Pot Brain strain will be in my Burrito tonight

andyandy(6bMI)July 31, 2014

Picking this baby tonight. I'll put it on my Burrito and plant the seeds. Hpefull get a couple more plants going for next summer

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Awesome, that burrito is going to be delicious. Can I ask you when you germinate your seeds? Im going to start peppers from seeds for the first time this year

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Beautiful. Tom, it kind of depends on where you live but getting a head start very early is so beneficial. I live in the shortest grow season and started in January and that wasn't early enough so I might start around November or December this year

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I start in late summer I live in a condo so i can't put anything in the ground. I know super hots are a two year process here in Michigan (especaily these past two summers, this summer may be coolest i remember) This way I have a fighting chabce of getting peppers the next summer. I move them indoors when it gets too cold. This plant was given to me last July. July got cold and I barely got a couple of flowers on it last summer. I have two yellow Bhuts I started last fall that only have their first flowers now. I have a couple of Habs I started from seed theww years ago in REALLY big pots. they each have about 80 pods on them and look like shrubs now

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I'm in Minneapolis (Zone 4). I started seeds in mid-Feb and have already been harvesting Ghost Peppers, Scorpions, Reapers, 7 Pot, Fatalli, Choc Scotch Bonnets, etc.

My success has probably been aided by the fact that I kept them under lights inside a long time, so they had a real good head start. I also have a 3 season porch which heats up a lot in the Spring. Some of my plants grew an inch or two a day when the conditions inside where right.

Anything is possible with the right conditions....

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That's cool, I didn't use any artificial light. I just kept them in a south facing window. I'm cheap so i keep my house at 65 in the winter. i have two ghosts I started a few weeks ago putting out their first regular leaves. i think I'm going to take them to my mothers. Shee keeps her house warmer and she had little nursery built into her kitchen wall. it actually protrudes out of the house specifally to get some more "3 D"

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I live in zone 4 (18 miles N of Minneapolis) and have been lucky to get ripe xxx-hot peppers at home, as well as at the cabin (zone 3). Not bumper crops with the xxx-hots like a lot of folks here get, but I do get some. I have good fortune with what I call regular hots, mild/spicy and sweets. I do though grow the xxx-hots in containers (2gal to 5gal).

I don' believe there's ever a 100% guarantee what kind of success if any we will have. There are so many factors that influence what our results will be. A few are - timeframe of germination; growing conditions after germination until plant-out; weather, soil, etc..... Even if everything seems the same each year sometimes thereâÂÂs excellent results, good results or just so so.

This year our weather has taken forever to warm up; as well as record rainfall in June. So I was thinking my poor peppers wonâÂÂt have a fighting chance to produce ripe fruits. But for some reason this year my peppers, including the xxx-hots are ahead of schedule, so who really knows what's going to happen.

Picture of Bhut was taken 10 days ago (only pic I have at work). Also have pods on my 2 Reapers and others. I've been blessed by several memebers here with some good seeds that are now some nice plants:)

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