help this newbie plant a grafted gingko

dars4April 10, 2011

I know this is surely a dumb question but I just received my 2 male grafted gingkos and don't want to mess them up. these are small - about 2 ft tall.

I read where the graft should be planted above the soil, 2", etc. However, what I think is the graft on these trees is only like 1" above the start of the rootball.

To be clear, is the graft the bulb shaped area in the trunk OR is it above that, where the trunk splits and one branch continues and the other is cut off?

I have a photo bu not sure how to attach it - thanks for ANY help you can provide!


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here is a link to a photo of it in the gallery

Here is a link that might be useful: tree in gallery

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The knob in the picture is the graft. When a graft forms such a knob it is a week spot and can fail later in the life of the tree. With a tree destined to reach such a large size, I would not be happy. A male Ginkgo can be grown from a cutting and eliminate the graft altogether. In the nursery trade it is quicker(cheaper!)to start rootstock from seeds and them graft a known male scion to it. Al

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thanks for the reply. so the nursery has told me it is OK to plant it with this graft just above the soil. not yet having an answer, I planted it under the soil and put the split above the soil (hoping the split was the graft...). I suppose I can still adjust this. does it seem that the roots would be planted to shallow if I bring the graft above soil level? what would you recommend? should I go ahead and put the graft slightly under the soil level or is that an issue as I have heard it may be? I received 2 of these trees that are similar. thanks!

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