white devil's tongue or white bhut

kuvaszlvrJuly 29, 2014

Does anyone know where to get seeds for either of these? I have grown white bhuts for years, they always mature red. John told me that his seeds mature white. so, far, for me at least, they are all maturing red like mine. Are there any out there that consistently mature white? Also, same with white devil's tongue. Mine are going from light green to red. Anyone grown them with consistently produced whitish pods?

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I really don't think any of those peppers labeled white, caramel, etc ripen to these colors. They all ripen to red.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I don't have the seeds, but yes there are hybrid Bhuts that ripen White, Orange, and Purple. The mutation (non-hybrid) Bhuts available ripen Brown, Caramel, Peach, Yellow, and Rust.


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Do you know where to get seeds that ripen white?

Yeah, my chocolate Bhuts ripen chocolate, my Peach stay peach, and my yellows, stay yellow. Although my purples turn red. but, they stay purple a long time before turning red.

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Hi Pam,

Judy over at pepperlovers.com says she has the real deal (white ripening) Bhut Jolokias.



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Howdy Bill,

Thank you!!!! I forgot to check pepperlover. Gonna go take a look right this second.

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ronnyb123(Zone 9)


The only place I found that has White Devil is JungleRain and White Ghost together. Fatalii.net also has. I never ordered from them so I am not sure how reliable the seeds are (others would know).

I hear Buckeye will have seeds for ordering next year or later this year (with White Fatalii too). Pepperlover has the White Bhut Jolokia.

Hopefully there is someone here that has grown it themselves.

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Hey Ronny. Actually my white DT came from Junglerain. And, I will admit, the newer pods are looking more whitish, not white, but a very light greenish - white. I am sure that they will be maturing red, but I am now seeing more whitish pods. Maybe I missed with the first ones. I've never had an issue with Grant's seeds, and he's got some really interesting ones, especially his hybrids.

OHHHH, white fatalii???? that sounds interesting. Thanks for the tips. I need to go check out buckeye, haven't been there for awhile, I'd like to try some choc. fatalii's too, but I have read that they taste nasty...


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