ficus benjamina propagation?

smckellep(z6 (KY))April 10, 2006

hi all,

i'm new to this forum, and i have a question:

can i propagate ficus benjamina? if so, how? and how difficult is it?

mine is very healthy & happy: i moved it to my office to add a little life to the space when i started a new job last summer, and it loves it here SO much that i can't even consider moving it back home now, and i'd really love another one there. i *could* go buy another one, but thought it would be more fun to propagate, if it's possible.

thanks in advance!


p.s. cross-posted on ficus board.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

easy take a tip cutting 2-3 inches long..... apply 0.1% IBA (rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist....

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I had a nursery tell me that they take a spade and cut the bottom of the stems along the soil lines. The injuries casues new shoots to develop. The shoots can be divided.

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I take cuttings and put them in a pot of soil.No rooting hormone needed

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I cut a few small twigs off of my ficus to use in a flower arrangement. I used a hammer to pound the ends to help the twigs absorb more water. After a few weeks (?) in the water, they formed little adventitious roots along the base of the cutting. I transplanted it into soil and it's growing now.

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