We need help, Plumeria won't flower

d2mjjAugust 24, 2008

We bought a plumeria cutting at Disney World in 2002, we have had it in a pot since then. It has grown 4x its original size, but has never gotten a flower. It gets leaves every year but never flowers. It is growing straight up in a single stalk with abot 6 or 7 leaves on top, but never a flower?? What are we doing wrong?

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Have you fertilize it regularly? Need a high number in the center when buying fertilizer for plumeria.

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bri_fl(9 FL Lakeland)

Have you ever up-potted it since it's grown so much? Is it getting enough sun? Do you know if it's a seedling or cutting? I believe seedlings take a coulpe of years sometimes.

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My plumeria is 3 years old has 3 branches on each plant and has never bloomed either. The plants actually grew quite a bit this summer, but are still small I think, for being 3 years old. I live in zone 5a so I take them in in the winter. I have fertilized with "hawiaaian flower magic" (Roberta's) every week like they advised, but still no flowers. Do I need to transplant? I moved them into the front of my house this summer (in pots) because it has hot afternoon sun. I am thinking they need even more sun than they are getting. Any help would be accepted greatly.



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D2mjj and Korry - by the age of your plumerias, it may just be root bound. Since you have a manageable amount of plumerias, I would pot it up to a larger pot...the bigger the pots, the better it will grow.


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since it is the August, should I wait until spring to transplant...

thanks, I have been waiting for the blooms...can't wait to see what colors I have. The plants do look healthy though.
I put in a full sun garden(for bananas and cannas) this summer, so maybe I will put the pots out by them next summer. Hopefully they will do better. Thanks for your help.


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Hi Korry - if your temperature is dropping now I would wait until spring. And when you do transplant, don't worry about damaging the roots. They are tougher than we think.


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Our nights have been in the high 40's. Feels like fall, this weekend the highs will be in the 80's though. My plumies are still putting out new leaves. I might try and keep them in the basement this winter, it is heated, but stays cooler than the main part of our house. I was keeping them in a bedroom with the most light. Thanks again for your help

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