A hab, a chocolate hab and a 7 pot walk into my salsa...

jifjifjif(9b-Florida)July 15, 2013

I used only 1/2 cup of homemade salsa for each experiment.

I cut up and seeded a standard habanero for salsa #1
Did the same with a Jamaican Hot Chocolate for salsa #2
Did the same with a 7 Pot for salsa #3

Added all of the flesh of each pepper into the salsa.

The habanero was not too hot; I was scooping up salsa on each chip.

Jamaican hot chocolate was similar heat and definitely tasted different than the standard habanero.

With the 7 pot, the salsa tasted hot and evil right from the get go and although I was still able to scoop up lots of salsa on each chip, the burn was WAY hotter, as I expected.

I didn't think I would be able to handle a whole 7 pot in just 4 ounces of salsa, but I was.

I enjoyed my first three pods very much.

Next weekend, I will do the same with my Chocolate Habaneros and maybe a ripe Fatalii.

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Sounds yummy! I had chocolate habanero and that's the only Habanero that I like.

Now for the true test a 7 pot pod whole :-)

Sounds like you have a good variety of peppers. Fatalii's have a great flavor especially in a sauce.


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