8m coconut trees driving me crazy as a coconut

emily_phuket(Thailand)May 13, 2007

Does anyone know about coconut trees?

I have just started a new job and have been asked to check the feasibility of a landscape plan with many tall coconut trees to be planted.

In a few areas of the plan 8 meter coconut trees are to be planted in no more than 50cm of soil below which is solid concrete!

Surely this is not possible.

At what depth should 8m coconuts (on a raised, coastal location) be planted?

What size coconut tree - if any could be planted in the 50cm depth area?

Many thanks,


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Cocos nucifera has a very shallow root system. You could easily grow some of the smaller cultivars in 50cm of appropriate soil, as long as the soil extends sufficiently out from the tree.

A problem with the concrete base may be drainage. The tree requires good sharp drainage, and will need a good foothold to withstand coastal tropical storms.

If coconut production is not a requirement, there are many other palms which could work as well.

Consider making the raised beds a bit deeper, by going further up with elevated planting areas.

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