Adenium Obesum Question

soonergirl1968(7a OKC)August 26, 2010

I discovered these plants and fell in love. I bought three from different places this season and all have done incredibly well. One, however, has grown at least 8 inches over the past 3 months and I'm not sure if I am suppose to prune it or just let it go. Can someone please tell me what I need to do with it? The branches are still soft and tend to wilt under the intense sunlight but pop right back up after the sun goes down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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dpolson37(7a VA)

Soonergirl, Nice adenium and other friends growing in the background. I have close to 40 desert roses growing that I started from seed and that allowed me a few to experiment with. I cut the tops off when they were about 4 inches tall. That left just a stump with no leaves. It took a couple weeks, but now they are showing multiple branches. So I'd say you could prune the top if you want, but half the fun is seeing what crazy shape they take on. I've heard of some folks using hard aluminum wire to shape the branches. A bit to much work for me, but a good idea with one or two plants. Here is one of mine growing in a 6 inch pot. This one did not get any top pruning. I did loose some branches due to scale last winter, but it's bounced back being outside. From Garden 2010

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

What a beautiful little plant! Mine have yet to bloom but I purchased all of them late in the season I guess. One of them didn't even have one leaf but now is growing like crazy. They're kind of hard to find around here but found my largest one at an Asian market downtown. I posted on the Cacti & Succulent forum and think I am going to prune them but don't know if I should do it now or wait until spring as we only have 45-60 more days until they need to be brought indoors.

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Why do you want to prune them? Are you looking for a particular shape?

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

I would like to encourage more branches, more flowers and a larger caudex. I was told that was the way to do it. I am certainly not an expert, by any means, but have researched the internet and that seems to be the consensus :)

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Soonergirl, you have a healthy plant of desert rose. you can prune it now, just keep it in the shade for few days and no water on the cut branches. The more you cut, the more branches and more blooms. Good luck, soon you are going to buy more and more of DR. Because this can be addicted. I am a living proof.

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