advantageous to transplant??

mollyjanea(z5 RI)April 12, 2013

i read recently that it is actually advantageous to start seeds in small containers and then move to larger, rather than starting off in larger containers to begin with. the info stated that root production/formation is better when first started in a smaller container. true? thanks.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


and since you didnt ask why.. i wont tell you .. lol..


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mollyjanea(z5 RI)

hmmmm..................why?? lol

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i asked at walters gardens once.. one of the top wholesale producers in the world ...

and was told ... it had something to do with how water moves thru the potting media.. as it tends to pool out.. and go down the inside edge of the pot...

so the plants roots.. find the edge of the pot.. and work down from there ... taking in the moisture and the fertilizer ...

and once they find the edge.. and then the bottom.. you up-pot.. and it does the same thing ...

and in this system.. by the time you have up-potted.. a couple times.. the plant is huge ... and so is the root mass .. after all. that is what you are growing .. as compared to the plant above ... its got to be.. roots first ... the plant will follow ...

as compared to still being this tiny thing in a giant pot ...

its an old recollection.. and for all i know.. they were messing with my head [what are friends for.. lol] .... but indoor grown plants really grow differently.. if you follow such ...

when i messed with stuff.. seeds were germinated in a tray.. and then moved to 6 oz solo cups.. then to 8 oz.. then to 16 oz .... mostly because that was what i could buy easily ... and they are reusable.. after cleaning with 10% bleach ...

sorry for goofing with you..


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