Did I Over Fertilize?!?!

hungrypeanutApril 25, 2009

I recently potted up a half dozen different heirloom tomato varieties for the second time. They were in very good shape - about four - five inches tall, no legginess, and well developed leaves. This second time around I mixed in a small amount (maybe not so small in retrospect ) of Dr. Earth organic fertilizer with the potting soil for half of the plants but not the other half (i forgot till half way through).

The non fertilized plants are very, very, well, however, the fertilized plants are getting curly and limp looking. Have I over fertilized? What do I do? Should I repot them? Will this help at all? Can they be salvaged? Oh my, they've made it so far and now...

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Sounds like the fertilizer is the problem. I would either repot in soil without the fertilizer or leach the pots. If you repot, examine the roots. Excess fertilizer may have burned the roots. With burned roots, you then have to be careful to not keep the pots too wet or you could get root rot. Letting tomatoes wilt a little between waterings is okay.

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I have the same problem with my pepper a year ago. I use the liquid fertilizer on it. I solve my problem by washing out the fertilizer with excessive water early in the morning and then let the sun dry it up in mid day.

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