Order perennials now?

hemboy(z5 North MO)June 3, 2005

Usually receive pers in spring along with annual liners, but thinking about laying some in now for over winter growth. Tried my first pulmonarias this spring and didn't do much and hardly salable.

Are there some that just must be ordered in early? Thinking of lilium, hibiscus, pulmonaria, for starters. Or is it worth chance of winter losses in cold frame?

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Hemboy, how does one get a hold of you? I may have a solution but I can't discuss it on this forum.

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Hi HemBoy, I get perennials in spring and late summer both. We are in Z5 also. In the late summer, I notice that from some of the wholesalers, for ex: Walters Gardens, the perennials seem to be very fresh, and from a new crop. As a rule of thumb, I buy items in the late summer to overwinter that are at least hardy to Z4. I overwinter them in a cold frame, or outdoors in pot in pot in the ground, I have had very good success with that. We do have significant snow cover that helps. Some of the items winter over so well--- for ex: last year I forget a flat of Hostas, and one of Polygonatum, and left them on top of the ground behind the shed. They all survived and are huge now. They were in 3in pots. Certainly wouldn't recommend this, but it just goes to show. I have overwintered pulmonaria and hibiscus successfully. Good luck. Polly

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hemboy(z5 North MO)

Thanks, Polly. Yeah, been studying the wholesalers' summer sales and wondering if worthwhile.

Mylu, how do I get in touch with you? What part of world are you from?

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Central Mo. Send me an email. wenwall@earthlink.net

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perennialprincess(z4 MN)

hemboy: in zone 4, we pot up almost 200,000 perennials in the month of august, in one gallon pots (a few two and fives as well). Some of this is from our own field grown material, such as hemerocallis, hosta, siberian iris, ornamental grasses, and a few other oddball things. Walters Gardens has a great summer dig program, and it is a great time of year to pot up and get a leg up on the next spring. We find we need to get it all done by about September 1st, after this date, we don't get enough root system established. Overwintered in typical fashion for here in MN - plants are pushed together, pot to pot, and covered with poly, then hay. Then, pray for snow cover. bait for mice, too - can't forget that.

there are lots of plug companies that ship plugs in summer as well, you you could do well with many varieties of plants, from echinacea, to pulmonaria, to perovskia, etc, etc - the sky is the limit. multiple cropping is an excellent way to have quality product available through the entire selling season, before the snow flies.

good luck to you.


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