Smooth Bhuts

homefry319(5b NE)July 9, 2012

So I have 1 bhut plant this year thats all smooth, and it looks almost like a habanero the seeds were ordered from and Im getting mixed results, I do have a plant on it second year that I over wintered that I know is true and a few clones off it. Im also seeing a scorpion tail on what is spouse to be a bhut

image of the smooth skinned

image of the scorpion tail plant, theres a smaller pepper that almost an exact scorpion tail(not in the photo)

as Im typing this I got a reply from pepper joes says that some of the smaller bhuts can be smooth, but Im still confused we'll see how the rest of them turn out, unfortunately there with a few yellows and the tags all got washed off..

I do have 2 "butch t" set to the side and its my first time growing them n they don't seem to have the "scorpion tail" yet

also the yellow bhuts are looking large and wrinkly so not sure whats going on

has anyone else seen that much difference between plants?

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First pic is a Naga same family but not a Bhut. The second maybe a malformed pod what do the others look like? PepperJoes has been mixing the two seeds so you get a 50/50 chance it's a Naga or Bhut I don't think they know they are two different varieties. Young Bhuts skin tend to be smoother but the size of those you have pictured they would not be smooth at that point.


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Here's a thread that might interest you...

Here is a link that might be useful: previous discussion

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homefry319(5b NE)

so heres a picture of that smaller pepper(original post second picture) Im pretty positive this is a scorpion though its spouse to be a bhut

and heres a picture of one of my clones(mother is from last year) that I know are bhuts

I did take a closer look into my Butch Ts and they definially don't have the scorpion tail and look more like bhuts that what I was expecting, I don't really know

The odd this is my yellows look prefect and I have another bhut red that have really small peppers but they are elongated like my clones/mother is

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homefry319(5b NE)

So pepper joes is completely saying its my fault and I'm the one that confused the plants because I have multiple types which I didn't as we have to be pretty methodical about it as I have 900 other pepper plants and 2000 tomato plants... This is a joke sorry I'm ranting now

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this is my first time growing bhuts. looking at your last picture looks like my red bhuts. none of the pictures look like my yellow bhuts, except the first picture where the heat caused it to deform due to pollination.
after 3.5 months my first yellow bhut is turning yellow. it also looks like the last picture. seems like the others are either something different or just deformed. i am guessing because it is my first year growing them and only one picture looks like my ghost peppers.

is it normal for ghost peppers plants to grow and produce and ripen in three months or is it the heat and humidity here in texas?
i had them covered for part of the summer with a shade clothe.

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i do not know who fault it is but you bought these peppers from a businessman. most businesses will shift it back to the customer as there fault. sometimes when businesses admit fault, they feel like it makes them look bad and it will cost them money to fix it.

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esox07 (4b)

I ordered Bhuts from Pepper Joe last year. I got Nagas. I also ordered Banana Peppers but Hot Hungarian Wax instead. The other two varieties that I ordered grew true. I even sent them pictures of the Nagas and asked them to ID it for me and they said it was a Naga. I didn't order any Nagas. Bhut Jolokia was the only super hot that I ordered or grew last year so there was no mix up. That has been my one experience with them. I feel more confident getting seed from list members, isolated or not.

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I agree with Bruce, have had the most success with plants growing true from members on this site. Great people for sure. Glad to be apart of this forum.

Though having Naga instead of Bhuts is not a bad thing at all. Better than ordering Bhuts to only get a Bell pepper.


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homefry319(5b NE)

Thanks guys I'll be looking for another seed provider/ someone from the community.

Though I will try and save some bhut seed I do have the plant I overwintered from last(and four plants I cloned) I may try using something to protect the blooms. What do you suggest something like aggroband?

On a side note pepper joes is seeding a new packet of Bhuts which is respectiable but I don't trust there seed! I will say the other seed I ordered are doing great have 50ish black jalapenos that I've already pulled a few pounds off of, though my other jalapenos are producing way more(not from pepper joes) and the alama paprikas are looking great waiting for them to turn

I'll be interested what my butch T's will end like right now they look more like Bhuts but I've never grown them so we'll see

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esox07 (4b)

Yep, homefry, it is the super hots that you will have the biggest problems with. They get a lot of publicity and when people start ordering them, the suppliers run out quick since you can't just manufacture them, you have to grow stock and then harvest seeds. In the mean time, it is very tempting for them to substitute other seeds. Especially since they are going for .50 to a dollar a seed in some cases. Then they just hope the grower thinks they did something wrong, they don't realize they are not growing what they expected, forget where they purchased them or at worst, they just don't buy any more seeds from them. By the time most realize they got hoodwinked, it is months later. The ebay types are the worst since they don't care about a reputation. they sell whatever seed as the most popular variety at the time and by the time anyone has grown them out to find they are frauds, they have already duped hundreds if not thousands of people for $5 to $10 for a package of ten seeds which turn out to be Jalapenos anyway. By the time anyone realizes it, the time for submitting feedback is way past and eventually they just close the ebay account and start a new one under a different name for the next season and next most popular pepper of the year. Other online stores just figure they can absorb a "few" ticked off customers and figure most of them wont remember or even bother to complain anyway.

Online, look for reputable, well established sources or look for trades or donations from GW list members.

Every winter, they have one or two big pepper seed swaps where members submit seeds they have harvested and get back seeds that others have submitted. I think there is some provision for requests of certain varieties but I don't think they can always accommodate all requests as the newest most popular varieties are hard to find seeds for. I haven't participated but those that have seem to really enjoy it and regularly post with good comments. Look for those to start up around December/January and they usually get a lot of regular publicity on this list.

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for what its worth, i get my seeds and plants from cross country nurserys. they have a policy if the plant is not true and you contact them by october of the year they will refund your money. they also garentee live plants to be in good shape when recieved. they have been really good to me with no problems.

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esox07 (4b)

Great. Steven has had good luck with them and I haven't heard a bad thing about them. I like the upfront guarantee and as long as you dont have to send back the plants or anything, they may be a good place to buy seeds and like steven says, they even sell live plants that they send through the mail.

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esox07 (4b)

Oh, and by the way, in your first picture, I agree that it is likely a Habanero which is still a good pepper....Hot, just not a super hot.

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homefry319(5b NE)

I can't really order plants, we have a small farm(or large garden) we plant and start a few hundred plants by seed I have around 900 pepper plants(most sweet) I planned on have 10-20 bhut plants next year I have 8 red and 5 yellow this year(4 are clones and a mother of a red bhut) then I have 2 butch t, I'll over winter a few of them and I'm going to try and isolate buds to collect seeds from my main and clones

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Do a google search for The Hippie Seed Company. You'll know you have the right place when you see its based in Australia and all of the nuclears have a video of the site owner eating them.

He's where I got my bhuts, my douglahs, and my scorpions from, and they have all grown true.

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