--insect experts, i need help identifying--

t-bob(west wa)July 1, 2012

Last night while perusing my peppers i noticed two small baby pods (size of my little fingers first joint) that were browned with holes eaten into them. Upon opening up there were some little (size of a straight pins head) insects....beetle like. I gathered one into a jar to inspect, but the little bugger is a speed freak and keeps moving constantly, always striving to be at the high point. I have tried with a lighted magnifying glass to get a good look, but still can't tell a lot. it has 6 legs, and antenae that are short and definitely shorter than the legs. the underside, starting from the head is brown, then black, and back to brown at its rump. the color brown is that of a cockroach..maybe a bit lighter. It does have wings as i saw one fly yesterday. . it does seem to have a head and thorax sections. the rest is hard to tell and i know i am not giving much to go on. i was thinking maybe i should fill the jar with water and drown the sucker so that maybe i could get a picture, or at least describe the back area of said bug. also,i went to the FAQ and looked at all of them on google. The only one that looks close is the flea beetle, but every image i saw for the flea beetle, they had long antenae....ergo, not MY bug.

the FAQ by byron

Aphids, blister beetle, Colorado Potato Beetles, corn earworm, European corn borer, flea beetles, hornworm,

leafhoppers, leaf miners, leaf rollers, nematodes, potato tuberworm, spider mites, whiteflies, and the occasional Pepper weevil, and pepper maggot.

Does this help anyone out? SHOULD I DROWN THIS SUCKER FOR MORE DETAILS? or does anyone have a better solution to bring about death? I have seen holes in peppers in past years, but only found minute slugs...HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

hope all have a great sunday, a safe 4'th, peace---bob

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DaMonkey007(10b - Miami)

That sounds like a pepper weevil Bob.


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t-bob(west wa)

nope, not a pepper weevil....that is unless the probiscus nose is retractable,

then it might be, but the rest of the pic doesn't really look like it either......has more the shape of a tiny ladybug
thank though---bob

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Get a pic then hit up these guys:


They're awesome! Apparently a lot of entomologists on there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reddit - What's This Bug?

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ugh is all i can say.....so glad i got out of the heat, although my peppers would like it to be warmer here in Western Washington where 75 can be hot. born and raised in central Texas....glad to be gone.....but i'd take some tepins/pequins if anyone sent some to me
good day all---texas bob

bob I have about 40 chile piquins red and drying on my counter ill send them to you to get the seeds from if you send me your address

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