chervil2(z5 MA)February 6, 2009

I have been a Garden Web trader for over six years. My recent trade with Paradisa stands out as being very memorable and satsisfying. Paradisa is great with communication and we were able to negotiate a substantial trade promptly. I was energized by her wonderful offer of homemade calendars and greeting cards for excess seeds in my collection. Today I opened her package and decided to rush to my computer to thank her for her beautiful creations. Then I saw that her thank you e-mail just arrived! She was excited as I was about the outcome of our exchange. Her online photos did not show the beautiful textures, the neat 3D effects, and the fine detailing of her cards and calendars. I am really impressed! While Paradisa identifies herself as a newbie, I call her a fantastic Garden Web trader.

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virgiebaby165(z6 WNY)

Fantastic garden trader and a wonderful person too. Her artwork is exceptional and very very professional. I believe I got the better of the deal and wish her the best in all her future trades. No one should ever hesitate to trade with any "newbie" as we were all there at one time with starting out our gardens. Giving double orders to newbies is always a way of helping get trades off the ground. Wishing Paradisa the best garden ever.

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Paradisa,,ladies watch out you are all in for a great treat with her,,she already has done some great trades hope they get to this post,, she is funny, great trader, my newbie,smiles,,
I sent this wonderful lady a start up package,and welcomed her to garden web,,we chat back an forth and do alot of laughing, she just sent me the most wonderful package i have ever recieved, her lovely home made cards, I mean just lovely, and a gardening pin, can't thank you enough,,,hugs an hugs to you, Lisa

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daylilyfanatic4(Zone 6 SE NY)

I just completed a wonderful trade with paradisa. She was very fast sending out her envelope and she included a wonderful bonus. Thanks!

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The seeds she sent are in great condition! :-)
The home-made cards are magnificent!!
I wouldn't like to send them to anyone, but keep them for myself.
Well... that is not what cards are for.... but ... I just can't help it!!! ;-D
Thanks a bunch, Paradisa!

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Big hugs to paradisa,,I had a very bad week,,family things,,Lorraine was right there with me threw this,,she is the light at the end of my tunnel,,
she sent me 37 packs of seeds, (she just got int the mail) and shared them with me,,and a wonderful card,,well I cried some more,,but threw these tears I have a friend,,thank you so much,,,Lisa

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Wow! I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a BEAP offer from Paradisa for Prairie Smoke seeds--she sent a very generous amount and I'm extremely grateful.

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A very prompt trader.Thanks for the great trade..Debbie

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A wonderful, wonderful trader! I loved the cards she sent and it was more then well worth the cuttings I sent her!
She was fast and very good at comunicating thru emails! I can't wait to trade again.

Very professional!

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victorian_bellefonte(6 Pennsylvania)

Paradisa is a FANTASTIC trader! I had so much fun emailing with her, nevermind arranging a trade. Her package arrived promptly, and had a gorgeous card that she made. Outstanding trade, wonderful person. Thanks so much!

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sharoncl(z5 WI)

Paradisa is a wonderful trader and a great communicater. She was very quick to send out her end. I would definitely trade with her again. Thanks for the trade!

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My seeds arrived promptly, clearly labeled and well packaged~many extras, also! Enjoyable trade~very nice person. Thanks!

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I recently made a great trade with Paradisa. My seeds were neatly labelled, and well-packaged. Thanks for the trade!!

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Wonderful. Looking forward to many trades.


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Wow, the beautiful cards she makes, pics don't show the real beauty!!!

Happy Birthday Lorraine! My Birthday twin!

all the best wishes,

with many thanks again,


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