best soil for sedum and jade propagation

sedumqueenApril 29, 2008

what is the best soil for jade leaf or sedum cutting propation? and i have also heard you can lay a sedum stem on soil sideways and bury it and it will root. is this true?and how long does a piece of stem have to be? and why do my jade leaves just rot?

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I don't know to much about jade propation but sedums will root in garden soil or potting mix.. Just get soil with good drainage cause sedums are succulents hence they like to be completely dry before watering them. After your sedums are well rooted and you want to put them in a pot you can plant them in half sand half potting mix seems to work the best or even just potting mix. The littler types of sedums seem to root much easier but the bigger ones seem to root almost as easy. Most sedums you can just break apart. Then all you have to do is cover the stem of the sedum with soil and water and just wait till the little guy grows some roots. A lot sedums will just grow roots all over and already have have roots ready for propagation. In many cases you can just leave the piece of a sedum in dirt and it will root itself.

Heres a picture of a tiny sedum I have with roots on it. xD

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Just poke that jade cutting into some damp soil and it will root in just a short period of time - make the soil JUST damp, not moist and not wet.

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