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kuvaszlvrJuly 25, 2011

hello, I have a question concerning propagation. I grow 60+ varieties of hot peppers that I sell (the plants) at the local herb festivals. So far I have always grown from seed, but I have been looking at cuttings this year. It's hard to find much information on it so I was hoping someone here might have some info. I have read that the plants get smaller with each successive cutting. I was curious as to how much smaller (since my plans are to take cuttings from my current crop for overwintering and then late winter take cuttings from them for the shows). Collecting seeds is such a pain, (especially trying to do it in 100+ temps) cuttings sounds much simpler. I also wondered which peppers tend to do best from cuttings. So far, in an experiment, my bhut cuttings are looking great. I grow peppers from anchos through the bhuts. I have read people saying that their plants propagated from cuttings produces sooner and produces just as much as plants started from seed.

My questions:

Do they lose viability with each successive cutting?

Is there a change in fruit production with successive cuttings, and if size is affected, is it obvious?

Which peppers (if there is any real variability) propagate best from cuttings?

I want to produce the best possible plants for my customers, and I'm no stranger to cuttings grown plants, many of my plants and shrubs are from cuttings. Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

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I have done cuttings on peppers for a while and have not seen any negative effects. I also had some concerns like you and I try to replace the mother plant every 3 years because I'm afraid of the fruits getting smaller or the clone getting stressed with age. I have not seen this happen yet and it is only a theory.

I usually use small rockwool cubes, super thrive, and rooting hormone for the cuttings. Rockwool makes it easier to keep things clean. I feed with a weak hydroponic fert and transplant into pots when the cuttings have a few new leaves.

It's pretty straight forward. Give it a shot and ask your customers to keep in touch with you so you can gather info on the health and quality of the plants. I do not think you will have any issues.

Hopefully some one might know more about this and shed some light on possible problems.

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Thank you so much! That's exactly what I needed to hear, from someone who's been doing it. First hand experience is always the best. I wondered about replacing the mother plant.
Thank you very much!

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one more question jmoore3274, would you mind telling me the peppers that you propagate from cuttings? Just curious.

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I have cloned many chiles, annuums, baccatums and chinenses and they all seem to do about the same.

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WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you very much! You've really helped me out (I'm also pushing my partner - I grow hot, she grows sweet- to do the same with her sweet peppers, it sure seems a lot easier than seeds).

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I started cloning Cayenne's and Serranos. I then switched over to Thai's and Bhut's for their heat and flavor.

I have gotten some successful clones from the Bhut's except for last year. I let the clones get too cold and fungus showed up. It was late December here in Maryland. Went to my local hydro store and got another heating mat. Everything seemed to work well after that.

Going to give this a shot with my Caribbean red Habs this year.

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