Philodendron Clippings

casey430April 4, 2006

I have 3 clippings of a philodendron. One rooted very fast and is doing great potted in soil. The other 2 have yet to grow roots. I currently have the 2 clippings in water in bright light (not direct sunlight).

I read about planting unrooted philodendron clippings in a mixture of peat moss and sand, covered in plastic or situated in a propagation chamber. But what about regular soil with a plastic bag? Any suggestions?



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i wouldn't worry about plastic bags i have always just rooted them in water. give the others some time sometime they take a few weeks

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deederbug(zone 5)

I'm curious!
I didn't know this!
My neighbor (a young bachelor with no interest in plants or a yard) has a Philodendron bush that I have admired from the previous owners. Can I take cuttings now? If I do take cuttings to root in water, do I have to strip the leaves? Where should I cut?
I'd like to try this too. Any knowledge would be appreciated.
Thanks, Deederbug

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Just cut a length of the plant about 6" long, pull off at the bottom so you have a few inches of bare stem (leave a few leaves at the tip), and stick it in a glass of water. These plants are so easy to root! My mother has a philodendron that is a descendant of a plant she bought in the 1960s! She just kept taking cuttings of the original plant over the years. They can live for quite a long time in just water as well, though they do better in potting mix in the long run. Pothos, a relative of philodendron, roots just as easily in water too.

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I am trying to root a Philodendron as well. It is okay to just leave it in a glass of water until it roots? I had it in a glass for about a week, but nothing. I didn't strip the bottom so that there was a few inches of bare stem. I'll try this.

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I have Cut Leaf Philodendrons. They have a kind of central stalk with scars from where leaves fall off and from this, near the bottom, root shoot out and at the top, new leaves push out from the middle in a rolled up tube form line cannas and banna plants.

Just where do I take a cutting? A leaf? A rootlet?

Or are we talking the wrong kind of philodendron here?

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Scanning down through the thread it is not obvious everyone understands that the cutting should have a node.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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yourpal(z6 NJ)

Are you talking about philodendron, or RHOdodendron? A philodendron (at least to my knowledge) is a vine, whereas a rhododendron is a bush. I'm also not sure that philodendrons are hardy in zone 5, but hey, global warming and all....

Your pal

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Now you've got me. I'm going back out to look at my failed Rhododendron cuttings to see if they have a 'node'.

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Hi, I am trying to root philodendrun.( my first time) I am trying to do it in a glass of water. It has been 2 weeks and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong? I have taken the leaves off from the bottom, the rest are turning yellow.I have them sitting in a window with light , not direct light ( that is where I have my very flourishing Phil" I do not understand can someone please advise? I have had PHIL" for 17 years, and trying to root more. Thank you!

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I had an 8" piece of philodendron stem that got ripped off of my huge philodendron by my angry 3 yr old. I threw it in a glass of water and my kids kept telling me that it was dying. I looked tonight and it has a root growing from the node. This is nearly a month later, so I was shocked. I'm going to let it get a few more roots and then throw it in some soil and see how it does. If not I still have a 4-5 foot hanging philodendron. So I haven't lost too much.

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