creeping thyme help

jbaiardoApril 12, 2008

i am at my last straw at this point. i have been trying to grow creeping thyme to create a small thyme lawn.

i have bought plants and tried cuttings, and both have not worked in the areas that i've planted them - YET - in other areas, such as surrounding rose bushes and other plants that have their own dripper, thyme plants just spring up.

now that confuses me, since everything i've read says that thyme likes to be dry, or at least well drained and over-watering can be bad.

i want to try one more time with purchasing new plants, and obviously i want it to work, so i would like some advice.

i have heard to plant these plants in compost, which will improve drainage in the clay soils i have here in albuquerque, but how much to water? the people i buy the plants from tell me that they die because i over water, but then the plants only spring up (randomly) in places where there's daily water.

i need some help, needless to say. thank you-

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I'd have to say the sun gets really hot so I doubt it is overwatering. Try an experiment. In the same location plant three plants in two different spots, water one trio once a day and water the other every other day, put a stick in the ground and label 1 and 2 and see for yourself which survives and if they both do then water every other day under the same conditions but if they are out in the open then water once a day in the evening. Just buy a 1/2 a dozen first. Make certain the soil is amended thoroughly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Propagating Perennials

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In NM, I imagine the summers get pretty hot, even at higher elevations. During the first year, even the most drought tolerant plants need water to get established. I agree with the compost. I mix leaf compost in with my thyme. We had severe droughts for the past two years, which were just broken by some heavy spring rains. Our creeping thyme was looking a little dry and spindly last summer, but this spring, it bounced back to life. Be patient and water for the first year or two.

I have a succulent 'lawn' that is absolutely fine under heavy clay and abusive situations. Perhaps you should mix the two.

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Suzq, could you tell me what type of succulent lawn plants you have? I have heavy clay, hot dry summers, but am zn5 and would love to try it!

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