need timer for misting

harley_j1April 5, 2006

I am in search of a timer for a misting system to root some cuttings.It needs to be able to be programed to come on in the morning and go off in the evening and cycle for about 6 sec every 2-3 min. i have tried the ones you can get at wallmart but the min. time interval is every 2 hrs. this doesnt work for me too well. Any suggestions on where to find such a timer?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I bought a Melnor Model 3060 battery operated timer with a mist cycle last year. The shortest cycle allowed is on for two minutes and off for 10. It is resonably priced around $30 I think. Batteries last for several monthes, 2 AA batteries needed. My pet gripe is having to reprogram the cycle when batteries are replaced. Al

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john_ny(z6/7 Sunset 34)

I have one, that I've had for years, from a company called Tork. It is adjustable from 6 to 360 seconds, every 6 minutes. It's 120 volt (no batteries), and costs about $120.00. I also made one from old stuff that was laying around. It runs for 10 seconds, every 10 minutes (close enough), and cost about $10.00

If anyone wants instructions, and diagrams, for building your own, send me an e-mail.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tork

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If you have a solenoid driven valve you could hook the solenoid up to a gralab model 451 timer(used for darkrooms) - they have this timer on ebay. It is totally programmable(x amount of time every y interval). It has a 120v output that would open your solenoid valve

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Here's one I'm considering

Here is a link that might be useful: misting timer and valve

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I used the gralab 451(i'm a newbie - just stuck my first plants in the sand yesterday) - I picked it up on ebay for $32 - I like it because it is totally programmable.(I'm playing w/ schedules now). I'd recommend this timer. The only bad thing is that alot of them do not come w/ instructions and the instructions can;t be found on the web. I finally figured out how to program it(after hitting evry button 10 times).

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Try They have the timers you need and complete systems as well. It is a great site for whatever you need. The blog has some great gardening tips too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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