Rooting Kalmia latifolia cuttings

taxonomist(7b VA)April 14, 2008

To date I have had zero success with rooting Kalmias. I have taken cuttings in late summer, in late winter,and in late spring using Hormodin #3 and bottom heat.The rooting medium was ProMix/ perlite(2:1) or sand. In each case, the cuttings soon rotted; can anyone offer words of wisdom relating to solving this problem?

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

rooting normaly takes 30-80 days. SO>>>> (1) do you remove all but 1 leaf (2) mist the plant not have wet soil (3) most important is I use Hormodin #1 (0.1% IBA) NOT Hormodin #3 (0.8% IBA) This could/will "burn" the plant material & cause it to rot before rooting

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"Rooting normaly takes 30-80 days . ..." But - HOW did you? Could you please explain how it worked for you? At what time you took cuttings and what are you doing with them? (soil, misting and so on)
Thank you very much in advance!


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey tam .. this is a 5 year old post.. i am not even sure GW will email your question to the OP ...

you know something is rooted.. when you gently try to pull it out of the rooting media.. and there is resistance ... because of the roots ...

if it starts to slide out w/o such.. push it back in.. and come back in a month ...

Dirr is the source of all info on 'propagation of woody material' .. google such.. and pull it out of the library ...


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