Plumeria still doesn't have roots (loveplants2)

Desirai(7B)August 17, 2013

I got a cutting from loveplants2 back in Feb or March, it has grown tons of leaves (that I was told to keep removing) but it still has no roots ..... and now the new baby leaves are turning black.

why won't it grow roots and why are the leaves black?

I had it in water for about 2 months then I put it in dirt ... don't know what to do???? :(

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Desira!!

I'm sorry you are having issues with your cuttings... I personally don't water root mine and I know those that do only leave them in the water for a few weeks. You can try and root them in a light light draining mix...

Some root and others have a hard time... I would take them out of the water.. It has been to long.. Try rooting in the soil on a heated bottom ( heat mat). This will help.. I think if they have been in the water this long , the only thing to do is try... I'm sorry this didn't work for you.

I always use the mix on heat mats to root mine.

Keep us posted... Are the stems soft?

Take care,


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There is still hope! The black leaves appear to be the older ones and the newer leaves do look healthy. If you go ahead and pot it up like Laura said, it may be ok if it isn't already rotten.

I have a Puu Kahea that has been trying to root since last October. Believe it or not, I think it may make it.

A little editing from the Idiot... NOW after re-reading your post, i see that you had already potted it up. I hope it does well for you. :)

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Oh if I wasn't clear, it IS potted, and has been potted up since the beginning of June. It is still growing leaves like every day, but isn't growing any roots at all because it is very loose in the dirt when I wiggle it

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If you wiggle it, it will cause the very fine little roots to break, should it be growing any. Can you stake it to make it more secure in the soil?

You were clear... we just didn't pay close enough attention. lol

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It's also getting a little mushy down at the base where it is in the dirt and I wiped off some white powder

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Was the cut end treated with rooting hormone? You can try pricking it with a pin to see if it leaks any of the white latex. I would try that down close to the soil line.

How mushy is it?

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Not mushy like lettuce gets when it sits in the fridge for a week, but farther up it's very hard and firm compared to about an inch above the soil line. Yes initially I did treat it with hormone, however when I put it in the potting soil I did not use any.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I guess I didn't read it as well. Sorry.

You need to keep it secure with no wiggle room and leave it be. We tend to want to peek to see if it rooting ... It needs time. I'm not sure where you heard to cut the leaves? Leave the leaves.... Don't pull or poke. It it's green and it producing leaves.. It is doing well.

Stake it. Keep secure. Put in a sunny warm spot with bottom heat.

You only cut the leaves off of a new cutting. ( cut from the mother tree).

Never from a newly rooting tree.

Hope this helps.

Sorry I did t see that t was potted up.

I think it will be fine if you give sun , warmth and stake. Leave it be.


I always dip the new cuttings in rooting hormone right after they are cut form the tree.

Take care ,


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