Japanese Shishito pepper

candace-growJuly 18, 2010


I have a shishito pepper plant and I am worried if it is ill due to the reason below:

1) 85% of the peppers are red (I know every once in a while there would be a red peppers, but more than half of my peppers are red & this don't seem normal for shishito pepper). Not only that they are red, they actually turned red right away from their blossom instead of gradually turning into red frm green.

2) Not only that they are red, they also look extremely wrinkle while being dry at the same time. They look as if they were way too ripe, but they actually just turned into pepper from their blossom (they are still very young)

3)Some of the leaves have an appear to be burnt tips like those in the pictures. The ends are yellow, brown and dry and brittle.

I am worried that the plant might be having way too much fertilizer that it causes its peppers to mature WAY TOO quickly (is that even an issue like this on any plants?). I just started to put fertilizer for veggies on them once this morning, but I used to water them with blended tuna fish with water (a friend of mine that grow roses told me about this trick, mix a tsp of tuna fish with water then blend them really thoroughly in a blender and then water plants with the mixture. He claims that this provides plants with tons of nitrogen which will help them to grow very well) quite often.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

P.S: I tried to post the pictures, but can't figure out how to do it, I would repost them if someone tell me how to upload pictures here. Or I will email those pics to anyone that need them.

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To post a picture go to ask the experts at the top of the home page and type in key word pictures. There are several ways to post and they explain it . Maybe if we have some pics it would easier to figure out the problem.

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Thanks Romy6. Here are the photos, hope they works and help.


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Please help with my shishito peppers problems !!! (Thanks Romy6 again for directing me to the site of finding info abt how to post pictures here. Description of problems are on the original post above.

While shishito peppers are mostly green, mine is mostly red. Why ?? Not only that, they turned red right away from their blossom instead of gradually turning red as they ripe

A lot of the leaves on the plant appear to be like this leaf here: their tips portions are yellow, brown and brittle as if they were burnt:

A lot of the peppers also appear to be "way overly ripe" when they are actually still very young. The peppers are dry and extremely wrinkle as if they were overly ripe.

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had some of the same trouble

im thinking its too much heat and humidity+rain

my red savina habaneros had the same trouble except for the leaves
not too sure what to do, you do however have it in a pot so you may be able to control how much water it gets

try that ans see if it improves

hope this helps your friend AJIJOE

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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

regardless of how long the peppers have grown, the red ones are ripe and should be picked off the plant. You won't get more flowers until the pod load is off the plant and it can turn it's energies into more production. If you notice, the green pods on your plant are larger than the red ones. Pick the red and let the plant put its efforts into the green ones and new flowers.

Now the pod size could be a number of things. Light, watering, fertilizing, pot size, etc. Can you give us some details.

The crispy leaves look like sun burn to me, but they could be from wind damage, overwatering, or some sort of chemical sprayed on them. Fertilizer problems usualy manifest by total discoloration of the plant or complete wilting.


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Thank you so much to everyone that left a response to my post here.
Kendra, your diagnose is so right on. I live on a beach (literary on the sand), so where I used to put the shishito plant is exactly the direction of the sea wind/breeze comes in and the wind would get so strong most of the times that it even shakes some of the trees. On top of that, that spot is also the spot that get 10 hours of full hot sun in the summer time. I didn't think plants would get wind burn, but I was suspected that the cause of the burnt leaves might be some sun burnt, so I moved the plant to a site that only gets 7 hours of morning to early afternoon more gentle sunlight and it is also away from the direct wind. No matter if it was because of the wind or the sun, or the combination of both, the shishito plant's leaves seems to recover very quickly since I moved it. So Kendra, your diagnose about the sun/wind damage could be the cause of the burnt leaves.

Regarding fertilizing the plant. I mixed in some old chicken manure (they are old. I bought a big bag of the manure from a nursery more than a year ago). So when I transplanted the shishito plant to a bigger pot, I mixed the soil with the old manure & some extremely weathered down bone meal, and then planted the shishito in the soil. A month later, I watered the plant with some tuna fish water (a friend told me to blend some can tuna fish in a blender with some water, then water all plants with the tuna fish mixture, according to him this will provide a lot of nitrogen to plants which helps them to grow well). I didn't even add any "proper" fertilizer to the plant until a few days ago. A few days ago, I just added some 4-6-3 tomato/pepper/herbs fertilizer to it.

Right after I finished reading your response, I immediately ran outside to pick off all of the red peppers. I got a good snack of the stir fried red shishito and now, we will see how the plant does in a few weeks.

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I'm have problems with knats flying around my Japanese Shishito peppers. What can I use to get rid of the knats, and not kill my plants?

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Best thing to do is let the soil dry out. At least the top two inches. Gnats are a problem with all indoor plants. You can try some pesticides to spray on the soil but I believe they lay eggs in the soil and once they hatch, the problem will return without continual applications. Best to let you your soil dry out more. Peppers do well with soil that is allowed to dry out. The plant will tell you when it needs a drink (probably much longer than you think). As long as you water it soon after showing signs of wilting, then it will rebound greatly and maybe even more vigorously.
A trick to test the dampness of the soil near the bottom of your container is to put in a wooden stick such as a bamboo spear ($1 or so for a bag of 20 in craft sections at stores). Push the spear angled to the bottom center of the pot, leave it for a couple hours or longer, when you pull it out, if it is wet and soil is sticking to it, then the bottom of the pot is still saturated. It is OK if the top inch or two dries out, the plant will draw from the deeper soil if it still has moisture.

Basically, it sounds like you may be over watering with isn't good for gnat problems and likewise, isn't optimal for pepper growth.

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Oh, one other piece of advice. Try to get all your peppers, and other indoor plants for that matter on a watering schedule. If you water some one day and others the next, then, there is always damp soil for the gnats to infest and they just move from plant to plant.

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Mosquito dunks in your water get rid of Fungus Gnats pretty well.
It's a bacteria that kills certain bugs.

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