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woohoomanJuly 29, 2014

So, i preach the whole Integrated Pest Management thing and it's been working out pretty good except for this thing called the Tomato Suck Bug.

Anyway, I see all sorts of beneficials and I usually spray proactively for the caterpillars with Bt. But, I haven't seen any damage so far, so I thought I'd press my luck and I haven't sprayed in about 6 weeks.

I've been bagging off branches to save seeds and about a week ago, i noticed some chewing INSIDE the bag along with some "poop." I inspected through the bag pretty good and couldn't see a damn thing, so I though maybe there wasn't enough foliage inside the bag and the thing died from starvation....

NOT!!! This morning, I gave a quick check, and the foliage was stripped and THIS is what i saw.

Very first hornworm of the season and it was INSIDE an isolation bag! I'm thinking the good guys have been getting them for the most part, but timing of the egg laying and me slipping the bag over was just enough for one to become mature! Sheesh!


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Sorry about your misfortune... but, look on the bright side, you'll soon have a gorgeous hummingbird moth.

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Get some parasitic wasps. They will handle the Hornworm.

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/me smacks Pam. :) Though there are some pretty moths/butterflies in the world, I couldn't care less about them in my veggie garden.

Junglerott: LMAO. It's like you didn't even read my post. No need to buy them.. plant the right flowers and they will come to you. Which I did, but the moth laid the egg, I bagged the branch, and in the meantime, the wasps had no chance to get to the cat because of the bag. it was simply a timing issue.

Now i know better. Note to self --- before bagging, check for eggs!


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I read your post. There was no mention of parasitic wasps so I thought I would contribute to the thread. What do you use to attract the wasps?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Bloody hell! I, too, had a hornworm on my Reaper last week! I've also been dealing with brown marmorated stinkbugs this year....they're concentrated on my bumper crop of peaches.....and now they've found my peppers.


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Jungle: Sorry. You're right... I didn't mention them.

Atracting them? Right now--- Marilgolds, Cosmos, Zinnias, Yarrow, Coriander(cilantro) are flowering. I have used Parsley and onions also. The trick is to be diverse as possible so you have different varieties FLOWERING throughout the year.

Click on the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beneficial plants and insects

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Josh: report those BMSB's right away!

The UC IPM website says reporting is going to play a key part in controlling them here in California.

Good luck!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks for the tip! Sacramento is having a real problem with them now, but I guess I'd better alert folks that they've hit the foothills, too.


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