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roadkill(5)July 20, 2011

HI i have two different peppers to look at, the first was labeled white u can see i thought it was at first then they changed to orange, now today they are turning to red

the second we have talked about a few months ago this is a update pic , they are very small peppers and turned red this was label tepin


oh YES !!! i remebered how to post pics

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Hi roadkill, looks like the white hab may be Jaloro Jalapeno, or possibly some sort of cross with a bolivian rainbow. Based on the pepper size the tepin looks like that's what it is. Hopefully others weigh in would like some other ideas for the supposed white hab.

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The yellow podded one looks like the plants I got from the nursery called Guarrito,Yellow pickling pepper.
Mine look just like your picture.
They ripen to red.

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esox07 (4b)

Completely amazing how the nurseries and seed companies get away with selling mislabeled plants like this. I think that in most cases, it is intentional and I would have to stay away from that brand or that seller if it happened to me unless of course you really don't care and enjoy the surprise.

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hey hi all thx for the help and fast answers
with limited space surprise plants are not always great but they are growin

tepin pictures i have looked at seem to be round ball shape. with out purple leaves

i have not tried one of the orange ones as i gave this plant to a friend who wanted to grow something hot, i guess i better go get one to taste

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Hi roadkill I viewed the pic on my iPhone when you could not match to pics of the tepin I tried zooming into the pic and when i did those are no tepin peppers. Not sure what they are but they look nice though. Anyone see this type of pepper?

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definately no tepin, the are tiny round and grow straight up plus the shape of the leaves and growth patterns is all wrong, tepins are wilds and grow unlike any other domesticated cultivar Ive ever seen, they are fun to grow and are delicious though, as for that second plant, it looks like some sort of pinguita de mono cross or similar, cant tell you for sure my eyes arent that trained yet, good luck though it looks great!

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I have a similar plant called Purple Pequin.
No buds yet but I think it had white buds with purple outlines on them.
There are several peppers similar to the purple plant pictured.
Explosive Ember , Firecracker Pequin , Purple Pequin , Bellingrath Gardens ornamental,Peruvian Purple Pequin.

Explosive ember

Labled as Purple Pequin by nursey...White or Purple and white flowered(I forget).

Here is a link that might be useful: Take your pick

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hi thx for the input i tasted one of the small ones not very hot, you can tell there is heat, lots of flavor almost a sweet pepper taste, would probably be good for cooking with
they do not grow upright,seems most of this type grow upright
and no other color between purple to red
leaves dark purple almost charcoal and green
flowers 6 petal are white and purple together
now that looks just like it
is naturegirl236 still around here the post is from 2009

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