propagation newby dogwood question

philipw2(7 MD/DC)April 10, 2013

So while thinning my red twigged dogwood this spring, I thought, why throw away these perfectly good stems. So I put them in a couple of buckets of water with some willow stems. Well the willows have developed quite nice webs of roots, but the dogwoods are still bare. I do have very nice leaves and flowers though. How long should I expect to wait for them to provide a nice set of roots? Alternatively would I be better off filling the buckets with vermiculite?

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I don't know if Dogwood roots from cuttings, but as long as it's blooming and leafing, leave it as is, willows and all.
Any lenticular action on the stem? This would show as a white styrofoam or popcorn texture on the lower portion of the stem over the lenticles, or pores.
This is an indication that undifferentiated "stem" cells are forming and roots are in the works.

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Yes they can be started from cuttings, but I would not have tried your method. You are already into it and I would continue as is, maybe covering with plastic to prevent cuttings from drying out before rooting. Be patient and don't expect them to root like willow. Al

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

dampen some potting media.. insert in pot.. stink in plant.. cover with plastic bag.. keep bright but NO sun ...

its called a humidity dome.. and IF it can actually be done.. you will end up with roots in media.. rather than 'water' roots.. which might die on planting..

it shouldnt be hard to goggle 'dogwood propagation' .. and come up with a million more suggestions ... as AL said.. there are other.. better ways ..


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