Jalapeno Yield per plant?

ssj4(z7 MD)July 23, 2006

I was trying to figure out how many peppers to expect per plant for jalapenos. I currently have 1 jalapeno, and two mucho nachos.

according to this website: http://www.fiery-foods.com/dave/profile_jalapeno.html

the jalapeno will yield about 25 to 35 pods per plant. This can't be right, can it? I had a potted plant last year that gave up about 20 or so, my plant in a raised bed this year has already put out 25, with more than 25 still on the plant, and with 2 to 3 months left in the season.

The Nacho's are in pots, so I really don't expect a bumper crop from them.

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michaelnohio(z6 OH)

I have four jalapenos and your harvest sounds about right. I planted transplants may 5th and have been harvesting peppers for about ten days from my plants Prolly pulled twenty from the four and got 6 more last night. They are full of peppers and still have some flowers. I pick peppers when they are about 3-4" long and will have the same amount till froast.

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elgatoloco(8 Dallas)

Yeah, I would agree with you. If memory serves, last year I must have pulled 100 (give or take) jalapenos off one of my plants throughout spring, summer and fall. The article must mean that a jalapeno plant will probably have 25-35 pods at a time which sounds about right for a fully grown plant. Heck, I remember one day late in October where I must have got 30-35 pods from one plant.

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ssj4(z7 MD)

or perhaps they mean the yield if all of the pods were left to ripen.

Thanks for the input folks!

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The more you pick the more a plant will flower. You can get up to a 100 per plant as long as your season like you. Chile plants if condition are right keep growing. Growing in zone 5 for 35 years.

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