brown tips on flowers

oorah(z10calif)August 6, 2008

has anyone had brown tips on their plumeria flowers....what is the cause and what can be done...


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Only when the flower is old. Some plumies have flowers that keep their color for days and look great. others look bad when they are old. All I do is pluck them off.

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Maybe if you could post a picture?

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Hi Rick,
Are you having brown buds??? or browning on your flowers? Two different questions.
Karen B

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I get brown edges on my buds too & could not figure out why. The buds will open & then it causes the bloom to look old when it really isn't. I thought maybe it was due to moisture or dew that didn't dry out all the way. I do spray all my plants with the water hose if it's a really hot day. Come to think of it, this is happening to only one of my plants--a 3 foot penang peach. Any other ideas??

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Hi, oorah, Have you sprayed any chemicals on them? Sometimes mine will do that if I spray fungicide on them to get rid of some pests who like to eat plumeria. Hope this helps. Crafty

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I can't answer your questions on the brown edges or tips of your flowers. But on a hot day, do not spray water on the plants in the sun, not on the leaves either..that can cause burning. Wait until the sun moves, in shade, then can wash them off if dirty, or in my case...too much bird poo.. If in sun, wait until it cools off..

I don't know if that is the brown problem.. Do you water first to get water on the roots, then feed? could be chemical burn from the feeding if some part of your plant is dry. You need a expert to come in and help you with this problem..
Karen B..

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the pics posted by alohalani are exactly what I am getting tho it only happens on one or two of my plumerias....the rest are fine.....also noted is that the flower doesnt open all the way and I know its not a pearl plumeria....anyone else encounter this.....

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I am also having this problem on a four year old Frangipani. It's flowering profusely this year, after several years of poor flowering, but the edges of the young flowers are turning brown very prematurely, before the flower even opens fully.

Even the flowers that are less affected by this are not opening fully, and are a little undersized.

What is causing this?

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quite possibly an insect such as spider mite or thrip.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I find that at the end of a flowering season especially after rains and cold, many of my flowers develop brown edges and the petals become less stiff. The flowers often become small and undersized at this time. This is with the exception of my Gardina or "Psycho" which still has hundreds of normal white flowers and green leaves and does not know it is December. Bill

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Yes, I'm used to that too. Thing is, these are the first flowers to open for me this year, being early Summer here.

Interestingly, I have three different Frangipani varieties in one big pot and so far only one of the plants is affected. Same soil, nutrients, water and light.

Even though I can't see any bugs I have sprayed some white oil to see if that affects the currently opening flowers.

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