UV Resistant Printer and/or Inks?

amy7918June 15, 2011

I work for a garden center and have been asked to research UV resistant color printers and/or inks. My boss was under the impression that Xerox Phaser printers are UV resistant, but I haven't found any information to back that up.

Can anyone recommend a printer that will make color prints that are capable of standing up to the constant sun of a garden center? What do you use?

My research so far tells me that we might be a whole lot better off with black and white. Love to hear your experiences.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

This is NOT one you should go cheap. But if you have to go cheap, look at epson micro-pigment inks.

You also need a system that protects the paper too. Or you have to have printer that prints on weatherproof paper. (Tyvek essentially)

The combination of ink and paper will run about a dollar a page.

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Hi everyone, I would sure love to get some more, updated advice on this topic.... thanks!

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look at john henry or horticultural printers.

not aware of color inks that won't fade. had good success with black.and white thermal printer and self adhesive tags and black ink on colored strip tags... but it's also.coming up on trade show season. good time to do some research, get about 600 free pens.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I use my HP laserjet 6L laser printer and the pot stakes I get from Gempler's. I can print a sheet at a time, and they do hold up well in the sun. I have used these now for two years and you can still read the tags on the few plants I didn't sell in that amount of time. I just go into word and format the labels and then print them, but gempler's will send you instructions with the stakes. You can order a sample pack to see if you can deal with it, and it doesn't cost much. The only drawback is that the stakes are thin and flimsy. They are good to put in new plants as you're potting them up but you can't go back and tag established plants very easy with them because they don't stick into the soil well after the plants are rooted in.

Here is a link that might be useful: gempler pot stakes, laser

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