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barbidwire(7)June 26, 2008

Has anyone every used Messenger (or any other brand) of Harpin Protein? I got samples from work (A&M research) and was told "good luck" with a shrug. I have heard no other reviews. Anyone have any feedback on this?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Cornell University: "Overall, Messenger® did not increase [sweet corn] plant productivity or yield." "In
the last 2 years of testing, Messenger® has given only marginal control [of tree fruits]." "No differences
in yield or quality were observed by application of Messenger® [on peppers]."
Iowa State University: "None of the treatments significantly [including Messenger®] reduced disease
incidence [on strawberry] or improved yield in these trials. The biological control treatments even had
lower yield than the unsprayed controls in the gray mold trials."
Kansas State University: "It does not appear thatÂMessenger® had any effect on wheat growth,
development, disease tolerance, or grain yield."
Michigan State University: "Âall the fungicide treatments (with the exception of
Messenger®Â)Âsignificantly limited foliar blights [of celery]."
Texas A&M: "No significant differences were observed among yields [of peanuts]."
University of Georgia: "Tests in Georgia have shown no benefit in disease control."
University of Kentucky: "HarpinÂhas not performed well in replicated tests." "Âno change in blue
mold activity with increasing rate of Messenger®  strong evidence of the lack of efficacy of this
University of Tennessee: "Regular sprays of Messenger®Âdid not significantly affect seedling disease
incidence, early growth, or yield of fall spinach."
Washington State University: "Messenger® did not control Alternaria leaf spot [in cabbage] relative to
plants receiving no fungicide sprays." Furthermore, treated plants "showed premature senescence and
abscission of the older leaves." In another study, Messenger® appeared to have a positive effect on cherry
and pear fruit size, but "results in apple were mixed." A third study on disease control in wine grapes
states that Messenger® is "generally considered ineffective."

Here is a link that might be useful: The Myth of the Magic Bullet

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stompede(z7 VA)

Good job bboy! It's funny how so many products are making shelves now that claim to do this and that, when in reality the research says different, as in the sea kelp and like products.

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I can only give anectdotal experience, but it has eliminated powdery mildew in my berries and peppers, seems to boost growth, in particular prior to fruiting. I have seen other research that says it works. It varies from what I'm told, in plant to plant. One species may be protected from a blight, and another not. Overall, I won't do w/o it.

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hi, how are you doiing, love our posts

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I have used Messenger for several years and it's AMAZING! It has made plants to bloom profusely that were not supposed to bloom the first year planted and helped plants that had been very average bloomers bloom profusely and repeatedly. I've even had flowers like irises that are only supposed to bloom once per season, bloom again after a couple of months. Last year I tried to buy some and was told it was off the market (that it had been purchased by a big company that had another product that competed and that it had been indefinitely shelved). I was devastated, so if it IS back on the market, I'm thrilled! It truly made a huge difference in my garden (and no, I am NOT being paid to say this).

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Here is a link for the product that replaced Messenger. Carol, it looks as though you're still in luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Employ

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SoFL Rose z10

You can buy it here http://www.axiom-harpin.com/

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