Day to day stresses and tasks of a nursery.

michaelhampton(SW England)June 16, 2005

I am interested to find out and share our day to day schedules and stresses so we dont feel alone and can advise achother from eachothers experiences.

The current stress I have at the moment is where my sales have dropped Im currently not bringing in much money so I having to keep the nursery going as well as keeping 10 employees in work.

The main thing is because my sales have dropped I could grow less therefore less expense and less to try and get rid of. However on the other hand I then have less to sell therefore less money to make and of course less work for everyone.

The other stress Ihave at the moment is were selling our propogation nursery which means Im having to propagate and grow 2 years worth of plants at the moment ready for when we move. Plus I`m going to have to try and sow perennials in October.

My day to day jobs at the moment is just the usual watering and weeding. Plus we`re taking a lot of cuttings at the moment. The maintenance boys are just sorting out a new automatic mist system in the greenhouses at the moment as the old one is no longer any good although theyre still using it temporarily at the moment. This is more expense to me. Is anyone doing any more interesting jobs at the moment other than the usual tasks?

Im not spraying the plants at the moment, although I expect I will have to start soon.

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I'm curious as to why you keep posting new threads but not answering the questions posed to you in the previous threads? And BTW do you need to update your bio?

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Yes, I agree with Mylu, how about an update on your bio?

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

Stresses? No stress really, I can actually say that. Tasks, now that is a long list. Taking cuttings, sowing seeds, micro-propagating, pest/disease/viral detail, grooming, spacing, inspecting, phone calls to vendors, inspecting, watering, delivering, scheduling, and oh ya, inspecting. I don't have the 72 acres like MH does, but my 10 acres of growing grounds and greenhouse do make a daily chore list and REAL chore list. But, no regrets, no stress, no problems, unless the weather is not cooperating.

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michaelhampton(SW England)

I will update my profile asap. Please do not forget that being in England I have a different time zone to many of you, and i do try to answer the threads as quick as possible.

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vouts(France Z8)

Before I became a nurseryman, I worked as a manager in a small family run technical/scientific business of about 30 people.

I estimate about 90% of the stresses associated with the job were staff related. Not enough staff, too many staff, staff motivation, who to lose in tough periods, how to hire good staff in times of expansion, pay demands, staff motivation, interstaff disputes, theft/abuse of priveleges, how to keep the really good staff working for us and not leave for the competitors, staff motivation etc. etc. etc.

Nowadays as a go it alone husband and wife team the biggest stress is how to make ends meet. After that its just a case of trying to get as many tasks on the impossibly long list accomplished. The recent installation of a semi-automatic irrigation system has certainly relieved some of the stress as we come into summer . No more 5am starts to water the nursery by hand!

Plus I have my trumpet to keep me sane. Everybody business owner should have a stress release away from the nuts and bolts of the day to day tasks - even if we love what we do!!

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Get a foreman to make sure the help keeps working when you can't be there.

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